Saad Awad was born on June 7, 1983, into a family of Palestinian and Brazilian decent and lives and trains in San Bernardino, CA. Saad is the 4th eldest in a family of 12 siblings who grew up playing soccer as a boy and later discovered wrestling in high school. It was during a hunt for a boxing gym for him and his younger brother to train, when he stumbled upon an MMA gym instead.

After months of training, Saad moved to Las Vegas to train full-time as a fighter. While in Vegas, Saad met would-be coach and mentor, Joe Stevenson. After about a year in Vegas, Saad came back to California and began training with head coach Franklin Aguirre in Rancho Cucamonga before he settled back in San Bernardino, where he now trainings under Millennia MMA.

Saad’s career highlights include winning Costa Rica’s four-man tournament Titans of the Pentagon, Gladiator Challenge Lightweight Belt in 2008 and in the same year, Saad fairly won the belt at Canada’s CCS, but was denied the belt after he refused to sign contractual documents from the league.

Saad’s immediate goals include earning his black belt in martial arts, and to teach kids of lower economic status who want to learn martial arts and jujitsu.

When Saad’s not in the gym, you can find him playing some of his favorite video games like FIFA Soccer.


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